It was all A DrEaM

I see I said, jealousy I said

Got the whole industry mad at me I said

Then B.I. said, “Hov’ remind yourself

nobody built like you, you’ve designed


I agree I said, my one of a kind self

Get stoned every day like Jesus did

What he said, I said, has been said before

“Just keep doing your thing,” he said say no,

– Mr S. Carter

Blueprint 2 :The Gift & the Curse

1. A Dream

Whether you know me or don’t
You know everything begins somewhere and well, ain’t much new under the sun or so they say. But I tell you this, they be that one thing that just stands out in life, more like in my life so much so it’s safe to say it’s a first of its kind, in my eyes that is
One of those that has taught me many a lesson, is life
But not just life alone

The life of Hov to, more of what his about.

True or not to you, matters not to me. The image painted in my eyes is one of the best I’ve had to behold, grasp and take in. That’s what matters to me.

Whether you hover in laughter over this or roll over those eyes.

I don’t see anything that couLd take away the facts as I know them,which can make one justifiably not appreciate.

Appreciate another of God’s creations.

Worth more than jUst another in my life.

Lest you be that hating witch, of which I know none

True or not

I appreciate, where it all began


With that GooD gOOd in sight, I can’t help but pay my dues and respects by serving a reminder to what hate has clouded or rather hid from most.


*                   *                      *


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