Life and Trials

Quality don’t make em sales, sales don’t make it quality. People make em sales. Hate to see real beauty waisted so we wait for the right time when in in fact this the best time. So the art is sold out but nobody show up.

Got me thinking could it be the art. Naaah, that ain’t it. Just gotta do it right, keep it tight show some love. Paint it right maybe, write it up not freestyle.

Sad truth is we in a world of free loafers, got artists leaving of slices just cant make that bread. But to you I say don’t give up, don’t loose hope. The art be fine sale or no sale. It will be loved sooner or later, history holds it. History writes it.

Ain’t no point in giving up, but they is a point in trying. Which firstly is you didn’t give up. If it ain’t worth dying for don’t try my dawg. Keep it easy, your hustle will come sooner or later. And when it do. Keep to the passion Fella, have no Fear.

asphalt athletics blur close up
Photo by Mateusz Dach on

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