HIStORY the Mixtape

A lotta take been going around, some true some false. Few skeptics here and there. But today is D’day.

A project undertaken about a year ago. Looking at how some might study History, will some make it. Many of us start with more or less the same basics, learn the Alphabet and the Numeric system. But few will be Presidents of the US, few will have a Black card though most do want it. Some might put a disguise cloak and walk like saints for some change and cravings.

Not to gun anybody down per say, but to remind you we all have the same, mor or less. Quite alike in fact, part as we grow. Choose the right path and seat. Don’t be a spectator but the author, starring, main character or co staring of History.

No matter the Age. Best Believe it. You can Do It, Fella.

Have No Fear, let’s make History.

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