HIStORY as promised

Thank you to those that took their time to give a listen to HIStORY the Mixtape. As promised it did drop on the 23rd of December. An early Christmas present as quite a number of listener’s enjoyed, liked songs and followed the site.

To thank you for thwarting my first projects month old record in 2 days alone with over a 150 views. Surpassing the month old record of 111 held by HOSPITALIZATION. A download button will soon be made available for the Mixtape.

Stay tuned for more tunes from the Fellas and feel free to contribute any content or suggest publishable content worth a listen or view.

This is dominantly an Art site and such should be expected. Freestyles, Fine Art and Designs from all spheres be it clothing, automobile’s or eye catching paintings. After all we Gud, ain’t we.

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