Reality Talk

Jeap, we are all in 2019. Locked and ready to go. Some hit the road running while most of us had to dust off late nights from 2018.

Reality is we all have these goals, ambitions and dreams we’d like to achieve. Make History ink out for us as we continue to live our life’s. Sadly most of us will be too distracted, probably drown in pools of responsibilities and stress as we forget what it is we desired this year as soon as Feb 28, mostly because of Feb 14 which comes after schools open and the flood gets to drama and duties open up once more.

A few hours ago I had a smile on my face, as I realized though meaningless to most I have somewhat done that which I said I would, intended and desired as of 2015. Birthday in a few days I can honestly say I’m proud.

Point isn’t I did it, but how. Well its quite simple really. Pen and paper. Sure enough everything begins in the mind but it also fades and is forgotten by the mind. Have been addicted to pen and paper since 2015, writing rhymes turned to mix tapes. Writing Goals, turned to History. It can be tiresome at times, needs commitment. But the key to it all is comfort.

If you can sit on a wooden chair in high school and right lies of an essay for marks under pressure. Then surely to pen out your dreams and aspirations at your pace in a place of comfort should not be a problem but a benefit. Being that it opens up the door ways to a detailed analysis through thought waves of curiosity on how all these dreams can be achieved. Just remember to be realistic, this is not for marks but for your wellbeing. A real future with real unknowns. So keep it real.

Problem then comes to the execution in the day to day lifestyle. The brain has done all the work, a fairly easy part though stressing at times. But the mind has to execute to precision as best as possible. How you accomplish the targets in their desired periods depends largely on what you think is important and needs to be done, said and attended to first during the day. Priorities during prime time. You might think and ink you can do A and B but only execute A and D, of which D could be of no use today but was fun and seemed necessary at the time. A sad concept to accept but a sad reality we fall victim of. For example I had 5 things I wanted to get done in the 1st week of 2019 but only achieved 3. Even though I was busy throughout the week, I fell short of being busy with the other 2 but did more than 3 things which I considered necessary but weren’t penned up.

Thank Heavens they is not 1 week in 2019, but 51 more weeks to get that which I’d like to smile for this time next year. All it takes is a little focus, consistency and some attention to detail.

Do it you can, best believe you can do it Fella.

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