Mama always asked when we was kids. When we was gonna do shit right, which year? Today Or 2020?

Guess what Mamma, its 2019 and I’m doing my Shit Right.

New YouTube Page for the Fellas, for the Decade. Gman G Gamaliel.

New Tumbler Account Opened. Gman-G-Gamaliel.

Find Your boy on The Gram, In The Book On Twitter Trends. Gman G Gamaliel.

Run That Search Box on Your Social media networks, I’m There Gman G Gamaliel, doing Shit Right. On The Search Engine Tip, Google Chrome or Explora. Images, Video Play the search the same, name the same just a different engine for the Same Result. Gman G Gamaliel.

On that email note its the OG mail account: gmangamaliel@gmail.com. On That Network Line, truest lines known, I did em all. Did it right, you know which network right for your app life line. Cell C baby, text your boy On 0618007148 For All your Shows and Gigs.

Don’t call me though unless we sexing or doing shit, Right. Its 2020. In The Land of The Snakes. Its Time To Do Shit Right.

Mother Africa Been Waiting On We, the Post Colonisation cats, Post Apartheid Kids.

God Knows Post World Cup Kids speaking, drinking, rolling, smoking what we teaching.

Painfully I know. Mother Africa Been Beautiful. I guess Its A Beautiful Pain In this Land Of Ours, Filled with Saints and Snakes.

Halla At Your Boy. Aint, No Saint Or Snake. Realest G. IMG, I AM ME, doing Me Right Sunset To Sunrise, Vice Versa, GMI.

All Day Every Day For That Double 00 status.

Bank account switching with no debt. Visions fulfilling with no regrets. Mainstreaming mocking with smart Flows not small Change.

  1. Socially intact
  2. Mentally Provoking
  3. Physically Investing

2020 Loading
Success Repeating
Lifestyle With Reason
Growth Inspiring

Is I’m Learning And Teaching, not Dabbing and Dashing.

Beautiful Pain. Let a Nigga Know.

Gman G

Gud Fella 4 LYF

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